Harvest at Our Little Farm
My Favorite Sautéed Veggies

This is delicious, simple and fast.  It's
based on a recipe I got from my good friend
Enza, so it’s Italian, which means it’s yummy.  
Try it with carrots, zucchini, Japanese
eggplant, summer squash, kale, broccoli
raab - everything!

1) Slice veggies into discs.  
2) Drizzle a little olive oil in
hot frying pan.  
3) Sauté a couple cloves of garlic in olive
oil for 30 sec., or until you can smell it.  
4) Add veggies, cover and reduce heat to
medium.  Cook 5 mins.  
5) Remove cover and splash veggies with
vinegar.  Cook another 2 mins.
Visit us every Sunday at The Wigwam
Farmers Market, on the front lawn of The
Wigwam Resort in Litchfield Park, AZ.  
Or, if you can't make it, contact us for a
possible Farm visit!.
Spring Onions
Red Burgundy*, Red Torpedo* &
Siskiyou Sweet*
$ 3 \ bunch
Chioggia* & Bull's Blood*
$ 2 \ bunch
Nantes Coreless, Cosmic Purple,
Scarlet Nantes
& Tendersweets*
$ 3 \ ea.
Pink Grapefruit
$ 2 \ lb.
Meyers Lemon
$ 2 \ lb.
Carrot Applesauce
$ 2 \ ea.
*Heirloom Varieties                                5/13/12
ALWAYS re-wash your produce !!!        

Coming Up:  Tomatoes, Melons, Eggplant, Zucchini,
Green Beans, Purple Beans, Yardlong Beans, Onions,